Fiberglass substrates from JPS Composite Materials provide excellent electrical insulation and high temperature durability. Printed circuits, transformer, switches, wire and cable applications rely on the high dielectric strength, dimensional stability and temperature resistance of our fiberglass solutions.

JPS fabrics are used in circuit boards and antennas around the world.  Our fiberglass, aramid and Astroquartz (TM) fabrics are suitable for the most demanding of applications.  JPS fiberglass fabrics are now available with full spread yarn technology.  We also offer a full range of low dielectric glass fabrics.  Our chemists and engineers can also develop a fabric finish suitable for your resin chemistry, capable of improving strength, signal integrity, and CAF resistance.

Closely woven lightweight fabrics are treated with varnish, silicone rubber, PTFE and Neoprene coating for use in bus bar winding, wire and cable wrap, armature windings as well as many other varied applications.

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